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  Reviews for War of the Wolf

"War of the Wolf is a thoroughly researched and compelling account of the service of the USS Seawolf. Using interviews with former sailors and their family members, detailed after-action reports, crew diaries, personal letters and other correspondence, War of the Wolf is able to detail the entire story of the USS Seawolf from her entry into World War II on December 8, 1941, until her fifteenth and final patrol where "she fell victim to a terrible mistake."

"War of the Wolf does a fine job of describing in great detail the war patrols and missions that included a photographic reconnaissance patrol of Palau as well as the dramatic rescue of downed Helldiver pilots during the battle of the Philippine Sea... As a student of history with a deep interest in submarine warfare, I found this book to be quintessential in relating the experiences of submarine warfare and life on an American submarine in World War II."
—Charles George, Wreck Diving Magazine, Issue 16, 2008


USS Seawolf, lost in action during World War II, is the memorial submarine of Texas

"War of the Wolf is a magnificent read. As a veteran of the World War II boats, I can attest to how the true flavor of life during war patrols has been captured. Steve Moore has done an excellent job of blending detailed research with the first-hand stories he collected from the veterans of the famous submarine Seawolf."
—Charles H. Ver Valin, Lt. Cdr., USN (Ret.)

"If you have a penchant, fondness, or weakness for WW2 U.S. submarines in the Pacific theater of operation histories, narratives or memoirs...this is work is an indispensable read NOT to be ignored."
—Don Kochi, Amazon.com, November 1, 2010 review

Destroyer sunk by Seawolf

Includes 138 images, including many never before published wartime photos

"The story of the Seawolf was a great read and was very informative of the full story and the unfortunate loss of this great boat and her fine crew. I was especially interested in the details of Captain Warder's tour on the Seawolf, which were new to me and for which I am grateful as he was my best man at my marriage in New London in May 1946."
—Kevin D. Harty, Cdr., USN (Ret.)

USS Seawolf and battle flag

War of the Wolf includes wartime muster rolls and On Eternal Patrol list