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  Reviews for TEXAS RISING

"Stephen L. Moore's vivid portrayal of this tumultuous period helps bridge the gulf between fact and fiction in Texas Rangers' history."
Jody Edward Ginn, PhD, Historian, Former Texas Rangers Association

Publisher: William Morrow/Harper Collins Books, New York

The official non-fiction companion to History Channel's epic "Texas Rising"

400 pages, including index, appendices, and full-color images

Texas History, Non-fiction

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"A page-turner for history buffs. Texas Rising is an absorbing and surprisingly fresh account of common people who performed uncommon feats as volunteers waging an epic struggle against an invading army and as fledgling Texas Rangers on a hostile frontier Stephen L. Moore has combined excellent research skills with perceptive analysis and a compelling narrative to bring to life the people and events of one of the most heroic episodes in American history."
—Thom Hatch, Spur Award-Winning author of The Last Outlaws


General Sam Houston


"With a wonderful eye for detail and a gift for storytelling, Stephen L. Moore has provided an action-packed ride with the early Texas Rangers through the violent Republic years. In a story that is equal parts horror and heroism, defeat and triumph, Moore has proven yet again that he is one of the best writers working today."
—James M. Scott, author of Target Tokyo

The slaughter at San Jacinto


"Moore provides a lively account of the battles of the Texas Revolution against Mexico in the 1830s and subsequent fighting against native tribes residing in the region. Colorful. Fast-moving narrative."—Library Journal

"A well-paced narrative on a very important era of American history . . . Moore's narrative should be read and understood, not in relationship to the dramatic television series, but in its own right as a fact-filled introduction to the men, women and events that created the revolution, the republic and the state of Texas."
—Stuart Rosebrook, True West Magazine

1830s Texas Rangers weapons