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"Taming Texas is a fascinating history of Texas as revealed through the biography of William Turner Sadler (1797-1884). Sadler was one of the leading pioneers of 19th century Texas and participated in most of the major events of the period. He migrated to Texas from Georgia in 1835 to become a farmer. He soon found himself in command of the ranger company that built Fort Houston, served as a private in the battle of San Jacinto, was active in quelling the Cordova Rebellion, and became a leader in the campaign against Chief Bowles and the Cherokees. Eventually Sadler served as a representative in both the Republic Congress and the Texas state legislature. During the Civil War, at the age of 66, he served in Terrell's Texas Cavalry.

"Highly recommended reading, Taming Texas is informative, engaging, offers a unique perspective on Texas history, and is enhanced with photographs, roster lists, and line-drawn illustrations."
The Midwest Book Review, November 2000


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Taming Texas contains is a rare look into the early hardships of pioneer Texas

"This book is an absolute must for Texas historians, whether your interest is Texas Rangers in particular or Texas history in general."
—Bobby Nieman, Texas Ranger Dispatch Magazine, Winter 2005

"Sadler is fortunate to have a descendant who cared enough about his forefather to write a good story and a good history book of Texas."
—Jerry Turner, The Mexia Daily News, September 2000


(Left) Charcoal illustration of Captain William Turner Sadler from late 1800s