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"The breadth and depth of Moore's spadework for Spadefish is evident. The most remarkable features of the Spadefish book are the battle narratives and the lavish detail of life aboard the boat. Anyone with any interest in submarine warfare will find Spadefish rewarding."––
America In WWII Magazine, October 2007


"This author has done a great job of balancing the interests of those who look for the facts and figures of history and those who see that history through the lives of those who lived it. He creates the sense of what those crew members accomplished and lived through without ever losing the focus on the fact that the numbers were amazing in themselves. Extremely well done!"
—November 13, 2007 review by D. Cain on Amazon.com

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Spadefish is illustrated with dozens of wartime submarine combat photos never published

"This is a GREAT submarine book! Although Spadefish was late coming to the war (July of 1944), she quickly made up for lost time. In her five war patrols, she rolled up some impressive results—fifth of all U.S. submarines in total tonnage sunk and sixth in number of ships sunk. Steve Moore has written a very detailed but also very readable book about a top submarine that has not, until now, received the credit it was due. This book is also notable for the attention it pays to the experiences of Spadefish's crew members. Liberally sprinkled with interesting photographs, it is a fine tribute to one of the leading submarines of WWII."
—James F. Calvert, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret.), author of Silent Running

USS Spadefish underway

Spadefish sank an enemy ship for every seven and one-third days on patrol!

"As a former quartermaster, I enjoyed this exciting narrative. I especially enjoyed reading the segment on the instrusion into the Sea of Japan. I was figuratively holding my breath as Spadefish exited La Perouse Straits on the surface with her guns ready to fight it out."
—Henry H. Thomson, Member of U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II and veteran of eleven war patrols aboard the submarine USS Seawolf

"We owe Steve Moore many thanks for putting together this fine account of our wartime patrols. Although Spadefish was one of the top five successful submarines, our story could not have been told without his detailed research. He uncovered much that we who sailed her had forgotten."
—Cdr. Daniel D. Decker Jr., USN (Ret.), veteran of all Spadefish patrols

Author with Spadefish battle flag

Experience World War II submarine combat as seen through the eyes of those who were there