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  Reviews for Savage Frontier, Vol. II

"Anyone with an interest in the Texas Republic, or in the nature of frontier warfare in the early nineteenth century, would want to have this book on the shelf. It will also be a gold mine for Texas genealogists. There is rich material here for the future social historian in revealing the rich ethnic mix among the Texan frontier fighters. The author gives a remarkably complete account of the use of Shawnee, Cherokee, and Tonkawa scouting companies by Texan forces on the frontier."
Professor James E. Crisp, North Carolina State University

"These facts provide a gold mine for family researchers, including Native and Mexican Americans. It points historians to important events and sources...The book records an important aspect in the history of Texas and is a worthwhile contribution."
—Alfredo E. Cardenas, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, April 2007

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Volume II of Savage Frontier contains more than 3 dozen muster rolls

"A remarkable collection of names and records of law enforcement on the Texas frontier that will serve as a fine resource for those doing research."
—Paul N. Spellman, Wharton Junior College

"Moore does an excellent job using primary sources, including muster rolls, letters, diaries, amd memoirs of the Texans. Another strength of the book is that the author gives a modern description of where the battles and depredations occurred, allowing a reader to locate them easily."
—Charles D. Grear, East Texas Historical Association, 2007

Sword of Chief Bowles

Fully indexed for genealogy research! Was your ancestor a Texas frontier fighter?

"With objectivity, Moore reports not only on Indian depredations against settlers, but also on the barbarities committed by Rangers themselves...excellent research and writing."
—Emma B. Hawkins, Review of Texas Books, Summer 2007

All major frontier actions of this period are covered in new detail, including: the 1838 Cordova Rebellion, the Kickapoo War, Battle Creek Fight (Surveyors' Fight), Morgan Massacre and Bryant's Defeat, 1839 Mill Creek Fight, Battle of Brushy Creek, Bird's Creek Fight, 1839 Cherokee War (Battle of the Neches), and the first Indian fights of legendary Ranger Jack Hays.

1838 Surveyors Fight Marker

Volume II covers frontier actions from the Surveyors' Fight to the battle of Brushy Creek