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  Reviews for Savage Frontier, Vol. I

"I'm impatiently awaiting the second volume of an exhaustively researched study of the pervasive violence that confronted the newborn Texas Rangers even in colonial days... Seasoned scholars of Texas Ranger rosters and raids by tribesmen will find new material."
—Kent Biffle, The Dallas Morning News, October 20, 2002

"The contents are masterfully and chronologically organized into a work that explains the big picture of what was happening during the Texas Revolution. Every major battle is mentioned, along with the role played by the Ranging Corps. This is not a rehash of old 1890 memories, although some recollection snippets are included. Above all, this is fresh material that most people have not seen. Savage Frontier belongs in every Texian library."
—James Gray, Bookshelf review for The Alamo Society

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Volume I of Savage Frontier contains more than 3 dozen muster rolls

"Moore maintains his focus throughout, guiding the reader through the maze of administrative problems of a fledgling nation in almost constant conflict... It is a must read for all who appreciate the struggles of early Texas."
—Chuck Parsons, Texas Ranger Dispatch Magazine, Issue 9

"Savage Frontier is a good read, and it will have a special place on my home library shelf."
—Ross McSwain, San Angelo Standard-Times, August 5, 2002

The Alamo was defended by a company of Texas Rangers

Fully indexed for genealogy research! Was your ancestor a Texas frontier fighter?

"Carefully researched and accessibly written...an exhaustively documented and absolutely fascinating study of the Texas Rangers prior to the Mexican War."
The Midwest Book Review, August 2002


(Left) Early illustration of the 1839 fight between Comanches and Texas frontiersmen of Captain John Bird and Lieutenant William Evans' Texas Rangers companies

Contains 39 illustrations / maps

Volume I covers the creation of the Texas Rangers and the early Indian fights of the Republic