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Relic Quest: A Guide to Responsible Relic Recovery
Techniques with Metal Detectors

RAM Books, 522 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" format, soft cover, 300+ images

Avid relic hunters know that priceless pieces of history can be found in the fields, farms and forests all over North America. Artifacts from the Civil War, the American Revolution, the Colonial era, the Indian Wars and the Texas Revolution are presented, along with tips on how and where to find them.

Relic Quest presents advice and success stories from dozens of serious relic hunters. Learn the techniques of pulling treasures from trashy areas and what features are important for where you will hunt. Full color identification galleries will help newer detectorists identify the bullets, military buttons and belt plates they may find. Relic Quest also presents advice on how to conduct effective research, how to be more effective in scouting rural areas, and how to preserve your recovered relics.

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European Metal Detecting Guide:
Techniques, Tips and Treasures

RAM Books, 324 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" format, soft cover, 400+ color and B&W images

European metal detectorists know that any given plowed field can produce hammered silver coins, gold staters, a Celtic brooch, a medieval fibula or a rare treasure worth millions of dollars–such as the Middleham Jewel found in England and other treasure hoards discussed in the book. Author Stephen L. Moore spent time traveling in Europe to collect knowledge from dozens of successful searchers to include their advice, in addition to the general knowledge of detectors, coils and recovery he presents.

Filled with hundreds of color photos of incredible finds, European Metal Detecting Guide offers sound advice on finding and recovering all types of coins and artifacts, including the varying European antiquities laws. Testimonials from seasoned detectorists provide advice on where to hunt and what techniques have helped them to become productive in the fields.

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