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"This book is written by RAM Publishing's Steve Moore, a successful relic hunter himself who certainly shares my enthusiasm for metal detecting. In putting together this book, Steve has sought out responsible relic hunters far and wide and reported their experiences. Relic Quest is, therefore, a grand compilation of what he and I have learned in the field plus all that he has gained from hunting with others and listening to their wisdom.

"His eagerness to share all of this will be welcomed, and I hope that some of you who have never really considered hunting for relics will join us in this fascinating pastime. Relic Quest is based on solid, in-the-field treasure hunting experience. I know that you will enjoy this book. I did!"

—Charles Garrett, Treasure Hunter, Author, Metal Detector Engineer/Designer

Released March 2011

Includes relic identification galleries with hundreds of color photos!

Author with Civil War find in GA (Above) Civil War belt plates recovered by veteran relic hunter Charlie Harris, now in his Tennessee museum

"Each chapter is filled with great information accompanied by some of the best quality color relic photos I've ever seen. You can't help but find something in this book that will make you smile, teach you a little something, or trigger an idea that will help you find more relics."
—John Velke, American Digger Magazine, Sept/Oct. 2011, Vol. 7, Issue 5

"Covers all aspects of relic hunting, from coins, Civil War artifacts and details places that you wouldn't even think of. This book will be a valuable addition to your relic hunting library."Relic Hunter Magazine, November-December 2011

Buttons, bullets from SC 2011 South Carolina palmetto button, U.S. Artillery button, coins, Civil War bullets recovered from plantation