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  Reviews for Presumed Lost

"The circumstances of the subs' losses varied widely and comprise some of this intense book's most memorable sections. The tales of sub patrols are exciting, the accounts of sinking and survival are riveting, and the narratives of suffering and endurance are enlightening. Moore cast a wide net for resources."
Thomas Mullen, America in WWII Magazine, February 2010

"This is a very emotional book filled with the horror, cruelty and pathos of war. It is also an inspiring saga of the indomitable spirit, courage and resourcefulness of the sailors themselves, some of whom endured years of enslavement working in Japanese mines and factories under the worst of conditions. The submarine serive—the Silent Service—at last speaks up and a harrowing, powerful story theirs is, told by the men who lived it."
—Sea Classics Magazine,
December 2009

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Presumed Lost contains 139 photos and maps, plus sailing lists of the lost boats

"PRESUMED LOST shines a light on one of WWII's darker chapters and provides further evidence of the submarine service's immeasurable contribution to the war effort in the Pacific. It is a harrowing account of heroism and human endurance in the face of systematic abuse, humiliation, torture and enslavement by a brutal and cruel Japanese military. Highly recommended!"
—Gannon McHale, author of Stealth Boat: Fighting the Cold War in a Fast Attack Submarine

"Moore guides his readers through the experiences of incredibly brave men and patriots. Presumed Lost is a naval history that has been needed for a long time, and Moore deserves our congratulations for a masterful work well-done."
—Joseph Mark Scalia, author of Germany's Last Mission to Japan: The Failed Voyage of U-234

USS Grenadier survivor Tim McCoy with the author in 2009

Presumed Lost includes excerpts from secret diaries kept by the American POWs

"Here are the unforgettable true stories of the horrors faced by the crews of seven American submarines lost in World War II, men who were captured, tortured and used as slave laborers by the Japanese. Stephen L. Moore's exhaustively researched chronicle demonstrates what it took to survive against captors who used water boarding and other forms of severe torture, war crimes for which they later were charged and convicted by the U.S. government."
—Carl LaVO , author of Back From the Deep

USS Tang survivor Bill Leibold with the author in 2009

Appendix shows the full list of U.S. submarine POWs and their Japanese camps

"In this masterpiece, Stephen Moore has drawn on many, many sources to create a work that is both encyclopedic in coverage and highly readable."
—Paul Stillwell, Editor Submarine Stories: Recollections from the Diesel Boats

"Steve Moore has erased another substantial part of the 'Silent' in 'Silent Service.' This detailed research is about the 196 survivors from submarines lost and their capture by the Japanese. It is a chilling story of their abuse and a thrilling story of a few survivors who escaped from their submarine resting on the bottom, 180 feet deep in the China Sea."
—Cdr. Daniel D. Decker Jr., USN (Ret.), U.S. Submarine Veteran World War II

Grenadier survivors at war's end Includes incredible wartime images of the U.S. submariners after their capture by Japanese