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  Review for Last Stand of the Texas Cherokees

"Last Stand of the Texas Cherokees is a fascinating read about the life of Chief Bowles and the history of the Indians' struggle to keep their land. Moore tells the history with thorough and exciting passion. He had ancestors who fought on both sides of the Battle of the Neches. His passion for the history of his native Texas and his passion for metal detecting and discovering history are produced in this book.

"The story continued as Stephen and friends searched the site of the Battle of the Neches for artifacts. As a result of the intent research and the dedication of history recovery with metal detectors, Moore and his group of detectorists determined the exact location of the battle of the Neches and the Last Stand of the Texas Cherokees. The author presented artifact displays to representatives of two organizations."
—Anita Holcombe, American Digger Magazine, Nov.-Dec. 2010

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Includes color photos of artifacts recovered from the 1839 Neches battleground

"Last Stand of the Texas Cherokees details the migration of Chief Bowles' band of Western Cherokees into Texas and their struggles to obtain land rights from the Mexican and Texas governments. In writing the history of one of the most dramatic Indian battles in Texas history, Moore decided to put modern technology to work to unearth artifacts from the Neches battleground. His goal was to pinpoint major areas of conflict and to hand over some of these historic remnants to the organizations on both sides of the conflict—the American Indian Cultural Society and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco.

"If you are a history buff, and especially if you are a metal detecting history buff, you'll want to read Last Stand of the Texas Cherokees."
Lost Treasure Magazine, August 2010
Giving relics to Texas Rangers (Above) Pistol ball and musket balls, one flattened from impact, recovered from Neches battleground