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"Filled with color photos of incredible finds, European Metal Detecting Guide offers sound advice on finding and recovering coins and artifacts, and covers the varying antiquities laws...a must have if you want to go treasure hunting in Europe. This book is the result of many people coming together to share their knowledge, the foremost being Charles Garrett, a pioneer of today's advanced metal detectors.

"Testimonials from seasoned detectorists provide advice on where to hunt and what techniques have helped them become successful...The information presented here is informative for both the seasoned detectorists and the newcomers to the hobby. The passion of finding history is hard to ignore. Author Stephen Moore says, 'Once you have pulled a nearly 2,000-year-old Roman coin from the earth, it's hard not to get excited!'"

Lost Treasure Magazine, August 2010

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European Metal Deteting Guide contains advice from dozens of successful European hunters

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Learn how and where to find coins and relics that are thousands of years old!