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  Reviews for Eighteen Minutes

"With its detailed, firsthand accounts, this excellent book easily replaces our old (1959) standby, Frank X. Tolbert's Day of San Jacinto."
—Richard H. Dillon, True West Magazine, June 2004

"Meticulous account of San Jacinto campaign is relentlessly researched and minutely detailed... His sources are truly exceptional. The personal letters, memoirs, pension papers and service records do not disappoint, reliably supporting the meat of Moore's narrative with incontrovertible proof at every turn in the retreat and offensive. In terms of the primary sources chosen, Moore's book is simply beyond criticism...Military history buffs will justifiably appreciate its lack of pretension and obsessive attention to detail."
—Jimmy McWilliams , Austin American Statesman, January 4, 2004

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Eighteen Minutes contains muster rolls for all Texian companies of the San Jacinto campaign

"It is an impressive collection of a vast number of the accounts of the day, allowing the actual participants to speak their minds. This book is a great source to help understand the feelings and actions of the participants of the campaign."
—Gregg Dimmick, Southwestern Historical Quarterly,Vol. CVIII, No. 4 ( 2005)

"Author Stephen L. Moore provides a comprehensive account of Texas' finest hour. Many points of view are offered as Moore makes good use of first-hand accounts from Texans and Mexicans, officers and common soldiers...All the facts, controversies and myths of the campaign are considered in this 522-page book...Particularly enjoyable is Chapter 17, 'Catching The Old Fox.'"
—Alexander Cook, Wild West Magazine, June, 2004

Texians reenactors charging

Fully indexed for genealogy research! Was your ancestor part of the Texas Independence fight?

"Eighteen Minutes is an extensive retelling of the critical battle that established Texas as the Lone Star Republic, independent from Mexico. Eighteen Minutes is exhaustively researched, superbly written military history, laying out the brief yet utterly decisive battle in minute detail."
Midwest Book Review, June 2004

"Author Stephen L. Moore relies on more than a hundred firsthand accounts to take the reader inside Sam Houston's Texas army as it retreated east before making its decisive stand at San Jacinto...Exhaustively researched...On the whole, the narrative advances easily."
—Glen Dromgoole, Houston Chronicle, March 21, 2004

"Clearly, the author has done exhaustive research, as shown by the detailed appendices and endnotes, and yet the book is very readable. Weaving in testimonies from the ragtag Texas Army, Mr. Moore makes you feel like you are with Houston's band of farmers, politicians, soldiers, merchants, and, yes, Texas Rangers, trudging through the mud, bog, and swamps of southeast Texas. . . No book collection of the Texas Rangers, the Battle of San Jacinto, or the Texas Revolution is complete without this fine book."
—Robert Nieman, Texas Ranger Dispatch Magazine, Issue 12, January 2004

The San Jacinto Monument

Appendices include Mexican officers killed or captured during the battle of San Jacinto