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  Reviews for The Buzzard Brigade

"Based on official action reports and squadron history, Torpedo Ten's story is given life through the firsthand interviews of its aircrews. More than five dozen former pilots, gunners and radiomen relate their toughest missions, greatest successes, humorous moments, and their tragic losses."
Air Classics Magazine, July 1996

"Superlatives come easy in describing Moore's book. Exceptionally well-researched, THE BUZZARD BRIGADE gives the reader a detailed, up-close-and-personal look at the life and times of this illustrious unit. Work-ups, combat strikes and squadron life are well covered, Moore incorporating dozens of first-person reminiscences by VT-10 personnel in his smooth-flowing narrative. All in all, THE BUZZARD BRIGADE—all 316 pages—is one impressive package...and a worthy tribute to an oustanding Navy squadron. I would give it six stars if possible. Highly recommended."
—Amazon.com, Jan. 17, 2009 review by Michael O.


The Buzzard Brigade contains first-hand accounts from more than five dozen VT-10 veterans