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  Reviews and Details of Battle Surface!

"In order to truly understand the overall achievements of the Force one must know the men who volunteered for submarine duty. Battle Surface! tells their story in their words. USS Parche and its Skipper, Commander Red Ramage, were the epitome of operational success during the war. Battle Surface! describes the lack of physiological and psychological privacy on our submarines and how these defecits enabled camaraderie to flourish.

"I was lucky to have known Red Ramage and many of his crew members. Battle Surface! is a must read for all who want to understand what the 'Greatest Generation' gave us in World War II."
—Albert Konetzni, Jr., Vice Admiral, USN (Ret), Former Commander, U.S. Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet

"Blends superb research and a writing style that rivals good fiction."—Dallas Morning News, October 16, 2011

Released May 2011

Battle Surface! contains more than 120 photos, maps and sketches

Commander Lawson "Red" Ramage (seen at left) was one of only seven U.S. submariners to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War II. Ramage was the third man so honored and the first one to do so who had not perished in the course of earning his medal. The valor and successes displayed by Ramage while in command of Parche were carried on by his wartime successor, Lt. Cdr. Woodrow "Mac" McCrory (right side, holding flag), during the final months of the Pacific War. Both skippers and their men were highly decorated and Parche was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.

Parche's wartime skippers, flag

Complete wartime and postwar rosters of men who served on Parche are included

"A fantastic telling of a great submarine's exploits and the stirring tale of a truly extraordinary commander. I can't recommend it highly enough."—Alex Kershaw, author of Escape From the Deep

"Author Stephen Moore's account of submarine skipper Lawson "Red" Ramage's wild, singlehanded attack on a Japanese convoy, which earned him the Medal of Honor, is not to be missed."—Carl LaVO, author of Back From the Deep

Parche gun crews in action

Battle Surface! is sold by the author with a special autograph card signed by 70 Parche vets!

"Author Moore writes well about the submarine warfare he knows so intimately. This is his fourth book on the topic and by far is the best. A very enjoyable nail-biting read from cover to cover."Sea Classics Magazine, October 2011

"I really liked the way that Moore provides personal information and photos that introduces the reader to many of the crew members. Reading this work was a pleasure."—Larry Tucker, Undersea Quarterly, Fall 2011

Parche veteran Fred Richards, author, Jim Ramage Many Parche veterans and the Ramage family contributed their stories and photos